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Welcome to Rantepao! On of the City in Tana Toraja. Generally, if you are coming from Makassar and Pare-Pare, you will arrive in Rantepao Market as well as the final stopping place for buses serving routes across the city of Makassar - Toraja. Rantepao Market is located right in the middle of town, so you do not need to bother anymore to take a small ride public transportation that will take you to the city center, like other big cities.

Your first arrival will be greeted by a Tongkonan located in the middle of the road. Tongkonan which stands on the foundation of this round indicates that you've officially arrived in Tana Toraja. You are going to through this the main street of this city. Others road branching are not as wide as the  main street. This main road connects with Palopo and Enrekang. This morning, Rantepao still foggy. Weather is more than just cool. I'm shivering in the foggy morning. I'm happy!

As a tourist, you will definitely feel at home when you at this place. Almost all tourism facilities that you need is available here. Do not imagine Rantepao as a very village as I imagine before seeing Tana Toraja with my own eyes . I imagine Rantepao like the village where the passing vehicle is very rare and indigenous communities are still very strong in everyday life. I am completely wrong. Rantepao town turned out to have entered the category. Rantepao is not a big city with buildings of skyscrapers. But here lies the wisdom, Rantepao moving in a nice rhythm, perfect for your vacation, including me. Rantepao has a number of auto bus companies, banks, atm, internet cafe, the hotel began for backpacker class to five star class, church, souvenir shops, restaurants and travel agents who sell tickets and renting services of tour guides. Complete anyway? You do not need to bother to organize your itinerary from afar. All available here.

Rantepao itself to me is almost feels like village of Caucasians. Lots of foreigners are scattered around the road, down to the corners of the road to the hotel and homestay. These kind of atmosphere like this once I get in Legian Kuta Bali. Various Caucasians, both young people themselves, in pairs, in groups, until a pair of grandparents, romantic, can be found in corners of the attractions in Tana Toraja. Rantepao own citizens have unique boned and accent.
But do not imagine Rantepao like Bali who live 24 hours. Toward evening, although festivities remain readily available in the market, but the excitement is just located in restaurants, markets and souvenir markets only. If Kuta has a club, Rantepao not. Here, spend the night should be done by relaxing in the hotel, talk or walk to the market to see the merchandise.

Well, because the tourism object around Tana Toraja has no light lamp lighting and will close just after 6 o'clock at night or before day in dark, so you should return to Rantepao at night. Not good visiting graves at night. To get around Rantepao area, you can ride 'pete-pete', small bus, or hire vehicles ranging from cars to motorcycles are generally provided by the hotel. It's fun too to try going around Tana Toraja by ride a motorcycle if you were in small group (1-2 people).

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