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How to Make Sate Ayam ( Chicken Sate)thumbnail
Sate Ayam is chicken fillet that has been flavored and burned over the coals. It is soft and tasty cuisine make this demand of many people. Moreover, served with peanut sauce which has sweet taste and a spicy. Make this the more delicious cuisine.

        1. Provide the material:
        • 250 gr chicken fillet, cut the form of a dice
        • 5 cloves of onion
        • 3 cloves garlic
        • 1 lemon fruit
        • ½ tsp pepper powder
        • 1 tsp salt
        2. Mashed Onion and garlic. Then added salt, pepper powder and lemon water.
        3. Chicken fillet then mix with a flavor that has to be mashed. Then leave for 15 minutes.
        4. Arrange a few snippets of beef sate with the jab then roasted over live coals.
        5. Make the sauce (Sambal Kacang): Peanut fry and then mashed with red chili and palm sugar. Then
            enter onion, salt, terasi and water.
        6. Serve chicken sate (Sate Ayam) with the sauce (sambal kacang) and fried onion.

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