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You’ll get the best out of your time in Singapore if you plan your holiday carefully even if it’s just a short holiday. A simple holiday’s plan will mean no unwanted surprises for you. You may check out our tips below. Be ready for your holiday! 

How to choose the right timing for holiday in Singapore?

Understand what you want when you plan your holiday will be a key driver to choose your best travel date.
So, to make sure you know them you may start by answering these questions:
  • What will I do?
  • What will I see?
  • How much money I want to spend?
  • How many days will I have in Singapore?
  • Will I spend my holiday with my spouse, family, friends, or group of people I don’t know?
So, plan your holiday far before your actual travel date. You shall be able to enjoy your trip while in Singapore. No rush…. Have a quality time here.
In my opinion, the best time to visit Singapore is when there are festival and events going on in the city, school holidays, and public holidays. You’ll see more things and can do lots of activities either alone, with your spouse, or with your kids.
4 Important Things for Your Holiday
    • Passport:
      Your passport shall be at least valid for 6 months prior your travel date.
    • Visa:
      Check out my Singapore Visa page to know whether you need visa to enter to Singapore or not. If yes, you should apply for it in your home country.
    • Ticket:
      Make sure you have your return ticket (needed when you enter Singapore by air or land) or ticket to your next destination after Singapore. Sometime the immigration officer will ask this randomly.
    • LUGGAGE:
    You may want to travel light - don't bring too many clothes. I’m sure you'll need lots of space for all new things you may buy during your trip.
    For your info, Singapore is hot and steamy even in cloudy days due to its tropical island climate. So, choose casual light summer clothes preferably in cotton that are easy to move around for a full day out in the city.
    If you plan to visit exclusive restaurants, nightclub, and disco, includes some casually elegant attire.
    Don't forget your sun screen and suntan cream, light-weight folded umbrella or waterproof jacket to protect you from sun and rain.
    It’s important to book your room from your home country.
    Singapore is favorite holiday destination for people around the region so, the hotel occupancy rates is very high. During peak season you may have difficulty finding a good hotel with reasonable price.
    So, what is your budget? If you have limited budget I’ll recommend you to check out one of cheap hotel in Singapore, Fragrance Hostel
    If you have more budgets I’ll recommend you to stay in one of affordable hotels in the heart of the city – Elizabeth Hotel
    And, if you want to taste high-life in Singapore, you can live in one of Singapore’s luxury hotel – the Fullerton. Many people said this hotel is the only 6-stars hotel in Singapore.
    While you plan for holiday, don’t forget your camera or video camera. Pictures say thousand of words so tell your friends or relative in your home country stories about your trip with pictures.
    Most importantly, don’t forget to bring charger for your devices, transformer if you carry a device with different voltage with Singapore’s voltage which is 220 – 240 volts AC and converter if your device’s pin head is not three-pin plug and socket system.
    I believe your holiday will run smoothly when you plan your holiday properly. Well, enjoy your holidays....

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